Calibration of Temperature transmitter zero trimming


tt zeroing wiring


The wiring shown above can be used for zero trimming the Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter online. Here it should be noted that in wiring the 1 and 2 terminals of sensor side connection are shorted for three wire configuration.

For zero calibration or zero trimming of temperature transmitter we can either use temperature bath or a decade resistance box in sensor side. I have used decade box as sensor side.

The procedure is as follows

After the connection has been done

Connect the HART communicator and go to the setup as described below:

1.Go to Configure in HART and then go to guided setup and then go to calibrate sensor and enter OK

2.The HART will display like this

Active Calibration ON

Active calibration OFF

3.Select the second option Active calibration OFF

4.Then HART will ask for trim units, select that as Degree centigrade

5.After that the HART will display 3 options like this

Lower trim

Upper trim

Lower and upper trim

6.Select option 3 i.e., Lower and Upper trim

7.Then HART will display like this Beginning Lower trim method this may affect the upper trim calibration

8.NOW press OK

9.The HART will display like Connect lower reference within range -200 to 850

10.Now by using decade resistance box set to 100 ohms which is equivalent to 0 degree centigrade

(you can also set temperature bath and set to some minimum temperature of 30 degree centigrade, but it will be difficult to achieve 0 degree in field so decade resistance box is fine here)

11.The HART will display like this Press OK when temperature is stable

12.Pres s OK

13.Hart will display something like this Performing 0 trim. 0 to100% complete

14.After completion

15.Beginning upper trim method. This may affect lower trim. Press OK

16.Hart will display Connect high reference in the range -200 to 850

17.Now connect the decade resistance box and set 138.5 ohm. This is equivalent to 100 degree centigrade.

18.Now press 2 times OK

19.HART will display like this Enter upper reference input value for calibration

20.Now enter 100 as we are entering 138.5 ohm which is equivalent to 100 degree centigrade

21.After pressing OK display will be showing 10 to 100% complete

22.After completion the HART will display Upper sensor trim complete

23.Calibration is complete now

24.Go to home page by abort press

This is the simplest method for carrying out zero trimming of a temperature transmitter

May be I am the first one on the earth to explain zero trimming of a TT

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