Rosemount 3051 series transmitters



Fischer Rosemount is considered as one of the best field instruments and is my favourite.

The Rosemount series 2015 and d 3051 series are available of which 3051 series is very much reliable

 And cost effective compared to other transmitter make.

The 3051 series is generally followed by suffix alphabets and numbers but these tell us about properties of the transmitter. Let us make a simple look of these suffixes.

Rosemount transmitters are generally in the format

3051″CD 2 A 2 2 A 1 A B4″

 The letters and numbers after 3051 tell us something very important.

1)  “T” type (D-DP, G-gage, A-absolute type transmitter)

2)  “R range (0-very low range and span, 1-low, 2-medium, 3-high,4-very high,5-very very high range and span)

3)  O output (A-4to 20 hart, M-low power hart proto, F-foundation FF, and W-profibus)

4)  M material of construction (2-coplanar SST, 3-coplanar alloy Carbon, 4-Coplanar Monel,5 C plated CS,)

5) I” isolating diaphragm (2-316l SST,3-Hastelloy c,4-Monel,5-Tantalum,6-Goldplated Monel,7-Gold plated SST))

6)  “O o-ring (a- glass filled P.T.F.E, b-graphite filled P.T.F.E)

7) F” fill fluid (1-Silicone filled, 2-Inert fill)

8)  “H housing material (A, B, C, D-PU Aluminium, J, K, L, M-SST)

9) P” plant web facility (A01-advanced control fn. block, D01-FF diagnostic suite)

10) “A alternate flange options (H2,H3,H4,H7-traditional flange; HJ,HK,HL-DIN Compliant traditional flange; FA,FB,FC,FD-Level flange; FP,FQ-DIN Compliant Level flange)

11) I (m) integral mount manifold (S5 -305 manifold assembly)

12) M” mounting bracket option (B1, B2, B3-traditional flange; B4-coplanar flange; B7, B8, B9-with 300 SST Bolt; BA, BC-SST Bracket with SST bolt)

13) “H hazardous operation (E5-FM explosion proof, I5-FM non incendive, K5-FM explosion proof IS)

14) B bolting options (L4 316sst bolt, L5-ASTM 193,Grade B7m, L6Monel bolts)

15) O” Other options (Q4-calibration data sheet,)

“t  romi of  hp  ai(m)m   hbo”

So if we take the letter 3051CD 2 “A”   this tell us about the output of the transmitter and A stands for 4 to 20 ma hart.

Even though many options may not be available for all the transmitters, generally the suffix tells us a lot about the characteristics of a Rosemount transmitter.

A more detailed description can be found in the pdf shown below



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